Cluster dynamics realizes a safe, secure, sustainable efficient and low energy society through digital twin physics-base Swarm Intelligence: iSwarming(R).


Company : Cluster Dynamics Inc.
Establishment : Octorber 2017
President and CEO : Hidetoshi Takaoka
Director: Hiroyuki Hanasaka
     Akihiro Komori
     Shuzo Otani (External Board)
Auditor : Toru Yamaguchi
Head Offic : Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Silicon Valley Lab: Fremont, CA, USA

CEO Biography

Hidetoshi Takaoka
He engaged in aircraft development field at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Then he joined the CAE industry, and worked as an optimization engineer and project manager for the automobile industry ets. In 2017, He acquired a patent on swarm control for group of vehicle.
His specialty is planning and management of technical projects, structural optimization, and particle method analysis technology R&D. He completed his master's degree at Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering.

Management philosophy:
We will strive to create new values and open up a prosperous society with fellows with diverse ideas.